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Generic name: acyclovir


What it does:
Treats and controls herpes viral infections, like shingles, genital warts, and chicken pox

Traditional dosage:
Dosage varies depending on type of infection; available in capsules, tablets, oral suspension, topical cream, and as intravenous injectable.

Drug interactions, precautions, & recommendations:
Use with caution with Retrovir, antifungal agents, Benemid, interferon, intrathecal methotrexate, and drugs that can cause kidney toxicity. Drink plenty of fluids while taking the drug.

Side effects:
Most serious: Severe allergic reaction, blood and liver disorders, hepatitis, peripheral edema (blood clotting leading to swelling of the legs or arms), gastrointestinal upset, nausea, alopecia (hair loss), jaundice, seizures, confusion, hallucination Other: headache, visual impairment, tremors, rash or stinging skin with topical ointment
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