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Finding Prince Charming Contestant Comes Out as HIV-Positive

Finding Prince Charming Contestant Comes Out as HIV-Positive


Bachelor Robert Sepulveda proves he really is Prince Charming in his response.

Logo's new gay dating show, Finding Prince Charming', which premieres Friday, September 9th , features thirteen male contestants, one of whom, TMZ reported, comes out during the show's season. In the episode, the gay cast member tearfully reveals his HIV-positive status to the show's star, the 33-year old bachelor, Robert Sepulveda. According to sources, the rest of the cast never has a clue about the contestant's status. 

But producers of the show certainly knew beforehand, and according to sources close to the show, chose the man as a contestant because of it, as an opportunity for HIV awareness.

The show's host, Lance Bass, confirmed to People about the contestant’s status, saying, “It is true. This is one of the things I love about the show — it’s a fun reality show, it’s dramatic, but there’s a lot of heart in it and amazing story lines that you’re going to shed a tear over. And one of those is finding about this guy’s HIV.”

Thankfully Sepulveda tells People that a person's status doesn't affect he way he approaches relationships: “For me, it’s like: Is someone HIV-positive not worthy of love? That’s really the question, and it doesn’t matter to me. ‘Prince Charming’ would be accepting of anyone, and that’s how I am.”

“In the gay community, in just any community,” Sepulveda adds, “if you have a disease, it’s not going to be anything that someone’s going to push you away from. Again, me being ‘Prince Charming’ — the guy that everyone’s vying for their attention — I’m not going to not date someone because they’re HIV-positive. That’s ridiculous. It’s really a stigma that we have to resolve now.”

Much like other dating shows, “Finding Prince Charming” revolves around one man, Sepulveda, in the center of thirteen contestants trying to win his love. While it’s not the first dating show centered with an LGBT theme, it is the first where all contestants and its bachelor are attracted to men.

Watch the Prince Charming promo here:

Finding Prince Charming premieres September 9 at 9/8 PM on Logo. 

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