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7 Silly Excuses People Make for Not Doing PrEP

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#5) “I can’t afford it.”

I get the fact that drugs cost money. On top of rent, bills and organic food you insist on buying, Truvada seems impossible to budget — without insurance it can be around $1,500 per month. But most insurance providers cover part of the cost (like any other drugs you’re prescribed) because it’s cheaper to pay for prevention than to pay for antiretroviral therapy to those infected with HIV.

Talk to your doctor, your insurance company, even your local LGBT center. There is a vast amount of assistance programs out there, many of which are waiting for you to seek them out. Gilead offers financial support through the Gilead Advancing Access program. Most recently, the state of Washington has offered to help its citizens by supplying free access to Truvada. That’s right, I said free! Never let dollar signs keep you from making important steps. Do your research.


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