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Gay Olympian Comes Out as HIV-Positive

Gay Olympian Comes Out as HIV-Positive

An Australian trampoline gymnast and Olympian says he's ready to reveal to the world that he is not only gay, but that he is HIV positive.

Ji Wallace told the Star Observer said he was inspired to come out after watching an interview with Greg Louganis, the famed Olympic diver who came out as HIV-positive in 1995, as well as the recent coming out of Anderson Cooper.

“I have never publicly disclosed this before but felt inspired by [the] interview… and by Anderson Cooper’s ‘coming out’ letter last month describing ‘value in being seen and heard’ in the face of disturbing violence, bullying, persecution and condemnation by peers, colleagues, government officials and worst of all family and friends.

Wallace, who won the silver medal in 2000 for trampoline gymnastics, is currently in London to cheer on his team.

"Being seen does have value. A voice does have value," he said in the letter. "I have the support of my boyfriend, my great friends and my loving parents. Many do not and this is, in part, for them."

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