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WATCH: Just How Easy is the At-Home HIV Test?

WATCH: Just How Easy is the At-Home HIV Test?


Our editor in chief, Diane Anderson-Minshall, takes the test and walks you through it step-by-step.

In honor of National HIV Testing Day, I took the OraQuick, the new at-home HIV test, and walked through it step-by-step to show how easy it is to do and to help reduce the stigma of testing. It's not whether you're positive or negative, it's about testing so you know your status. HIV is a chronic condition like diabetes or lupus and there's no shame that should be had in having it. But not finding out, and not getting medical care if you do, that's where you're letting yourself down. Because if you know your status, and get medical care you can get your viral load down so low you're not at a risk of transmitting it to a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or even to children (if you want to get pregnant). #TestMe


HIV 101: Diane Takes the At-Home HIV Test from OraQuick.

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