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Why Undetectable HIV-Positive People Are Better in Bed

Why Undetectable HIV-Positive People Are Better in Bed

Contrary to what anyone believes, poz people don’t stop having sex after receiving their status. Being HIV-positive doesn’t mean we’re segregated into a corner to never experience intimacy again — quite the contrary actually. In today’s world, being undetectable means we will not transmit the virus to our sexual partners, which opens up new possibilities to experimentation. 

We don’t mean to be biased (okay maybe a little), but undetectable poz men and women tend to be the most emotionally supportive and attentive lovers. It shouldn’t come as any surprise, seeing as we’ve experienced a diagnosis and took control of our health and life. As a whole, we've come out of this trial by fire better people. 

Being HIV-positive forces us to reexamine our place in the world. Part of that journey has forced us to recognize our own strengths and character;  as well as the love surrounding us, the fortitude of our support system, and the millions of others sharing this experience. As a result, our sex lives become grounded and spiritually fulfilling. And that’s just the beginning. Here’s why:


We are concerned about your wellbeing.

We know what it’s like to have stigma attached to our name, which is why we tend to be a bit more conscious toward the wellbeing of others, especially our sexual partners.  We know first hand that when we're depressed, anxious, or not feeling well, sex isn't going to be as fulfilling. So we'll be the first to check in on you, make sure you're feeling up to everything too. We want you to feel safe because when you feel safe, you’re able to relax. Afterall, sex is better when you're relaxed.


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