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Never Miss a Dose with this New Rx Cap!

Timer cap

Innovative new product tracks when your prescription bottle was last opened.

Over 125,000 Americans die each year because they didn’t take their medications as directed, according to The American College of Preventive Medicine. That’s a scary fact, especially for those who take multiple prescription medications at different times during the day, as well as those who take opioids for pain, which are easy to overdose on.

Equally important: For people living with HIV, antiretroviral medication only works with the user strictly adheres strictly their medication regimen. But brain fog can often lead to forgetting which pills you’ve already taken.

An innovative new product is designed to help solve this issue: TimerCaps, which each have a built-in LCD timer that is activated whenever the cap is screwed onto a prescription pill bottle. A sensor activated LCD display begins counting the time since the cap was replaced, like a stopwatch. When the cap is removed again, the display shuts off and the timer resets to zero (with no alarms to program).

Not only does this new technology help you keep track of when you last took your meds, it also alerts you if someone else has opened your prescription bottle. Both child-resistant caps and easy twist versions are available, and TimerCaps come in a wide variety of sizes to fit almost any medication container (just tell them which pharmacy fills your prescription). Bonus: there’s a new line of TimerCaps designed specifically for medical cannabis containers.

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