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10 Homages to Lost Friends in Doug Meyer's Heroes: A Tribute

In 1981, conceptual artist and designer Doug Meyer lost a dear friend to a mysterious new disease we now know was AIDS. Over the next few years, Meyer went to 79 funerals.

16 Highly Desirable Works of Art for a Good Cause

Postcards from the Edge, produced by Visual AIDS,  is back and offering their array of amazing postcard-sized works of art for fabulously low prices. 

7 Pics of the Warwick Rowers Back in the Buff

It's our favorite time of the year: The new Warwick Rowers calendar is here! 2019 suddenly makes sense.

20 Broadway Bares Pics With a Naked Charlie Carver

Nudity, for a good cause.

Trigger Warning: Heartwarming and Mostly Naked Photos of Love and Affection

Our contribtors are all very romantic — in their own quirky and sometimes kinky ways. Skip this if men loving men freaks you out.

101 Faces of People With AIDS at the Start of an Epidemic

How many people did you know who died in the early days of AIDS? Jim Wigler’s moving photo project might include some of your friends.

70 Photos of Music, Sweat, and Muscle -- All for HIV

With their epic dance events, this all volunteer group has raised more than $1.2 million for HIV services in the D.C. area.

89 Photos of the Blatino Oasis in the Desert

Blatino Oasis has become California's largest gay/bi men of color getaway, attracting over a thousand gay and bisexual men from around the world.

Sexy Photos of Bears, Otters, Foxes, and a Few Horny Goats by Cerf Photography

Belgian studio Cerf Photography opens the door to all types, all sorts of men. They are all beautiful.

How to Have a Happy Life (Photos)

Golden Czermak built his empire by teaching himself all the skills to create amazing photos, write cool books, and create a huge following. All he had to do was follow his instincts. 

The Black Panthers and Gay Rights

As the Black Panthers turn 50, we take a look back at how queer liberation became part of their mission.

14 Images of New York Taking on HIV

Light Up New York is a citywide effort to raise awareness, end stigma, and declare AIDS is not over.

Photos: Broadway Stars Strip for HIV Fundraiser

Sure Broadway Bares Fire Island Ignites raised money for HIV-related causes: but we just want to see some skin!

PHOTOS: 'Hauntings' Evokes Memories of Men

Bill Arning's curation from Visual AIDS's collection strums the past.