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HIV 101: Can I Still Have Kids If I’m HIV-Positive?


Yes, you can still have kids if you are HIV-positive. The great news is that if you have your viral load suppressed to undetectable levels you likely won't have to do anything special, as you can no longer transmit the virus . Still, if you are planning to make a baby the old fashioned way, you should speak with a specialist first. For those whose viral load isn't suppressed, there are specialists who deal with HIV, fertility, and insemination. If you’re a woman who is positive, additional medications can also decrease your chance of perinatal transmission. If you’re a man with detectable HIV, your sperm may need to be “washed” of HIV and then inseminated into your partner, wife, or surrogate.  If you want to adopt, there are protections for HIV-positive parents-to-be that ensure you can’t be discriminated against.

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